Real To Do Lists

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March 5, 2015 by multiracialsky

NatashaSky_rainbowhairIf we wrote our REAL To Do Lists:

  • Called Plumbers
  • Found a good plumber
  • Didn’t do laundry, dishes, flush toilet, or run water all day
  • Made it to my 1 hour appointment, with childcare
  • Made up with trusted provider who said they would charge for appointment not cancelled 24 hours ahead of time three weeks ago when we took an after-hours emergency foster care placement that no one else in the county had room for
  • Homeschooled my child, who read more than 20 pages in addition to regular workbook pages
  • Didn’t argue with any family members all day
  • Got homemade dinner on the table, even with no-water-down-the-drain (see above)
  • Drove child to yet another hockey practice
  • Got the sewer clog fixed
  • Was happy it wasn’t ICE (have you read the Eastern US weather??)
  • Didn’t cry when it was probably baby wipes
  • All five children in bed and sleeping by 9:00
  • Ran 1 load of dishes after drainage fixed (see above)
  • Didn’t ban partner from playing hockey tonight, even though they blew-out their back so bad a month ago (playing hockey) that they could barely get out of bed, let alone do dishes
  • Watched Empire
  • Went to bed

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