And Then We Were Nine


October 16, 2014 by multiracialsky

NatashaSky_nine1Last week we became a family of nine. Nine. Me and J and seven kids. The children are currently 12, 12, 10, 8, 5, 2, & 1.

In other exciting news, it’s pouring rain here and the city has decided this is the right time to rip up the sidewalk across our driveway—while the big kids are out of school for conferences. Did I mention the rain? And that our new toddler weighs 40+ pounds? And that my van is parked across the street? I suppose I will survive.

As a young child I wanted 50 children when I grew up. I revised to 10 as I grew older, grasping that 50 was not a reasonable number of children for anyone. I always planned an adoptive-bio mixed family; I always thought I’d be a foster parent. I’m not a saint or an angel or crazy. I’m guessing all the people who keep telling me I am just don’t know what to say when they hear we’ve added a seventh child, and we’re smiling about it.

Our family has traversed a lot of rocky ground in the past 5 years. At this very moment I am in a space I rarely occupy: I am content. I am full—in the best possible way. Full house, full car, full table, full tub, full heart. This is the family I always pictured, the family I always held in my heart, a dream that seemed to be slipping away several times the past few years. But here I am. Still married after almost 20 years to the same cute, hardworking, up for after dinner kid wrestling, school-conference-attending guy. We’re still standing. And we got everyone out for a fall hike last weekend—we left the house before nine; it’s definitely a family record.

The most amazing unplanned outcome to our current foster adventure has been the way a toddler or a preschooler can launch a preteen out of their hormonal funk without even trying. A little one waking up from their nap last week completely derailed an oncoming teen-tantrum. It’s almost a ‘pinch me’ moment over here these days.

P.S. My older kids have counted, and we currently have enough strollers around here to transport 10 kids (I think that’s including the bike trailer). So if anyone needs a ride…


One thought on “And Then We Were Nine

  1. Erin says:

    Tasha, you and Josh continue to amaze me wih your capacity for love and children. No you are not a saint or crazy or an angel. What you are is a powerful mother. Your children are wonderful people , anyone who doubts your plan should spend anhour with them to see the kind of life changing compassion and learning that must be happening in your home. You guys are the epitome of what a foster home should be and sadly most are not. Any child be it biological or adopted is better for having spent any time with you too. You are changing the world one child at a time, keep up the good work❤️

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