In Which My Multiracial Child is Told Their Self-Identity is Wrong


September 18, 2014 by multiracialsky

NatashaSky_RideWent to middle school open house night. Came away feeling pretty good about my kids’ teachers, except for watching one teacher call out one of my child’s Black friends for a supposedly missing assignment—in a shaming and confrontational way in front of random other parents and siblings.

Then I find out over late dinner with all my kids that this same teacher called out one of my children over a family tree project in class last week and challenged their racial self-identification—told them they were incorrect.

So my other multiracial child (watching this same thing happen to their classmates, not their sibling since they are in different sections) chose NOT to talk in class about their multiracial identity (including at least seven ancestries/countries) because they do not want to be called out for being ‘wrong‘ about their multiracial heritage.

This is a White male teacher who did not self-identify his own racial/ancestral heritage when starting/doing this project with his class. Where do I begin?


One thought on “In Which My Multiracial Child is Told Their Self-Identity is Wrong

  1. education for all says:

    Ouch. As a teacher, I really hate, when I hear something like this. It is so contrary to what I consider ‘teaching’. The mutual respect between teacher and student is in my mind, one if not the, most important elements in a teaching environment. To dismiss a child is wrong.

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