Searching for Black Dolls

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May 6, 2014 by multiracialsky


I have spent more time than I’d like to admit researching Black dolls for my children. Even though my current crew are mostly past the doll-acquiring phases of their lives, I still note any new links that pop up. In the past ten years (even the past five), there are so many more options. We are a family that has consciously chosen to boycott the Am*rican Girl franchise. And I am really picky about how that kinky-curly doll hair looks. Here are some current finds, including an etsy seller who remakes older dolls into boy dolls—we have one.

Info at the bottom of the pics.


Row 1: (1) Fisher Price: Tutu Cute Sweet as Me, (2) Madame Alexander: Patience/ My Life doll, (3) Corolle Le Cheries

Row 2: Positively Perfect Divah Dolls: (1) Zair, (2) Diana, (3) Taylor

Row 3: (1) Journey Girls: Chavonne, (2) Karito Kids: Lulu, (3) Gotz: Hannah

Row 4: (1) Adora: Madison, (2) JC Toys Mini La Newborn, (3) Twice Loved Dolls at Etsy

Row 5: Natural Girls United


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