Questions to Ask the Social Worker When a New Foster Baby Arrives


March 21, 2014 by multiracialsky


About Mom:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Is she eligible/applying for a supported living program?
  • Does she have family or other potential support to parent?
  • Does she have a mental health diagnosis? (Is she receiving treatment?)
  • Was she using drugs/alcohol at time of baby’s birth? (Is she currently in treatment/recovery? Treatment provider’s contact info?)
  • Does she have visits with baby? (When? Where? Supervised by whom?)
  • Does she attend doctor’s appointments?
  • Do we have direct contact?
  • Is she a safety risk for baby and/or our family?


About Dad:

  • Is he known/named?
  • Name
  • Location?
  • Does he have family (to place baby)?
  • Is he a safety risk for baby and/or our family?


About Baby:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Weeks at birth
  • Did Mom have prenatal care? (If so, with whom?)
  • Weight at birth
  • Current weight
  • Did baby stay in the NICU?(Why? For how long? Doctor?)
  • Date baby entered foster care
  • Does baby have siblings? Where are they?
  • Notes from previous foster parents?



  • Special medical needs?
  • Drug exposed/addicted at birth?
  • Medications? (If so, for what?)
  • Special log needed for medications and/or feedings?
  • Doctor(s) contact info
  • Next doctor’s appointment?
  • Does baby need to use special bottles?
  • Does baby need special formula? (If so, where to buy?)
  • Umbilical cord healed?
  • Circumcised? (If so, has it fully healed?)


Foster Care:

  • Estimated length of stay (minimum)
  • Can child potentially travel with us?
  • Social worker’s contact info, and supervisor’s contact info
  • Medical/emergency rate for foster care?
  • Eligible for WIC?

One thought on “Questions to Ask the Social Worker When a New Foster Baby Arrives

  1. DA says:

    I love this post; thanks for writing!

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