Where Do Children Sleep?

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February 13, 2014 by multiracialsky

Natasha_Sky_cradle1We’ve reorganized our children’s bedrooms recently, moving the two younger girls back into the same room. They had their own rooms (and bunk beds) in our new, bigger house. And yet every night for more than 95% of the past 18 months, they slept together in the same bed. Even on the rare nights we tucked them into their own beds, by the time we checked on them before we went to sleep—they were cozily curled up together. So we had four beds, four sets of sheets, one in regular use.

With the new set-up, the girls still share two smallish rooms: one with a bunk bed and dressers, one with all their toys. My hope is that this division means I won’t have to clear a path on the floor to check on them at night…we’ll have to see. They are happy to be officially ‘together’ again (they shared a room in our old house), showing off the new arrangement to their friends yesterday before settling down to make Valentines.

Check out the pics and articles about the book “Where Do Children Sleep?” It puts a lot of our Western one-child-per-room and everyone-in-their-own-bed customs into perspective.

*Photo at the top of our tiny first born in the gorgeous cradle made by J.


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