My Kids Dress Themselves


February 11, 2014 by multiracialsky

Natasha_Sky_patternsI used to be a lot more controlling with my kids’ clothing choices. I mean, they still don’t just wear whatever. J and I get to say what comes into the house as far as clothes go. I try to steer clear of big brand words (my kid’s not your free billboard), cartoon and movie characters, lots of words. I get the final say on too tight, too small, too short, too see-through. No under-garments hanging out. Or bellies. Or shoulders. Nothing majorly stained or ripped. No holes in the knees. I make an attempt at guiding the older kids through what usually goes and what doesn’t, although one child went through a two-plaids-plus-a-pattern phase last fall that I finally tuned out.

I know my family is ultra-visible because we are a multiracial crew, but if they (and their clothes) are clean, and their hair is brushed…I don’t ask for much more most days. Case in point is the outfit pictured at the top of this post. When I showed him this photo, J said, “How awesome is it to be eight?”


2 thoughts on “My Kids Dress Themselves

  1. Bill says:

    Love the way you raise your family!

  2. […] between protecting my children from being tragically mis-perceived as another Trayvon Martin and letting them find their own style. I’ve written about this before including my big no-no’s: too tight, too small, […]

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