Homemade Doll Houses

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December 17, 2013 by multiracialsky

Natasha-Sky-doll-tree-house4We’ve put together quite a collection over the years of tiny people and animals, along with furniture and other accessories. My partner crafted an amazing doll tree house one winter, from scrap wood and a wobbly set of natural wood blocks. For solstice morning, I arranged the tree house along with a wrap-around tableau including tiny tables, a slide, and a full stable. We mixed mostly pieces from our existing toy collection with a few new surprises. There were baskets, rocks, and scraps of fabric for endless pretend play.

Natasha-Sky-dollhouse1A couple years later, we managed to revive my childhood dollhouse. New, more traditional doll house furniture mixed with older pieces and people still brought hours and hours of entertainment.

I’ve spent some time over the past 12+ years researching and collecting a multiracial set of dolls for our home. We have a couple families of the now discontinued Half-Penny people, as well as a conglomerate of Black ballerinas, a blue-haired punk rocker, and a few of these gorgeous (and expensive!) Waldorf-style dollhouse dolls.

Natasha-Sky-doll-tree-house3The doll tree house was the sorry victim of a preschool friend who mistook it for a stool. My childhood dollhouse torqued and again unglued into countless pieces during our last move. However, the dolls and furniture live on.


For more DIY dollhouse inspiration, check out:Natasha-Sky-doll-tree-house2

Pattern for a felt dollhouse and furniture

Modern dollhouse for larger dolls

Instructions for making a portable orange juice carton dollhouse

Artsy stacked box house


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