Grytviken Photos

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December 10, 2013 by multiracialsky


I love falling down buildings. The bigger and more decrepit, the more I’m going to adore it. This has led to our family owning two 100+ year old houses that…let’s just say they needed some updates when we bought them. My long-suffering partner (who has mad carpentry skills, by the way) has declared that we will not be buying another old house unless we can somehow afford to have someone else fix it up for us.

These photos are from Grytviken, the former whaling village on South Georgia Island. I had the great privilege to travel to the tip of Antarctica and the surrounding islands on a birding trip with one of my best friends years ago–before kids. I have pictures of penguins and seals and whales and reindeer and icebergs. But my favorite photos are of the abandoned buildings in Grytviken, a town which also is the final resting place of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton.

These were the olden days (as my kids call anything before they were born) when we all still used film cameras. I don’t remember anyone on the trip with a digital camera. We brought all the canisters of film for the entire two weeks with us from home, and doled it out carefully through each new port.

Photographic prints from Grytviken available here in my etsy art shop.


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