Can I touch your hair?


October 24, 2013 by multiracialsky


As a mother to children with four different textures of hair, our family has been forced to navigate the slippery terrain of overzealous hair touchers: extended family, friends (big and small), teachers, and those ever-present strangers in the grocery store. I have gotten bolder about saying, “Don’t touch her hair!” and even learned to see the grasp coming before contact has been made. But still, what is it about Black hair that makes everyone forget their manners? This is not a petting zoo! My children are people, not exotic objects.

Please, please go watch this short documentary film by un’ruly called You Can Touch My Hair.


2 thoughts on “Can I touch your hair?

  1. palstead says:

    I am a white person who is never touched anybody’s hair. I do see that from time to time and unfortunately it’s not little kids, Who live so presently in their worlds and are attracted by something everything new, but by adults should know better. The whole concept of “other”is foreign too, I think, so many great people, even educated People who really ought to know better. But then, why in the world do I think that education brings awareness? Wishful thinking?

  2. palstead says:

    I am a white person who has never touched anybody’s hair. Unfortunately I do see that from time to time, and the sad part is, It’s by well-meaning adults Who somehow think that they are demonstrating openness and Progressive attitudes by being “friendly”and “welcoming”of what they see as “other.”I can understand it from a child, because they are always open and spontaneous about whatever is new to them. However, I wish their curiosity was corrected as contrary to basic good manners. I have never seen that happen.

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