Why I Cook from Scratch


October 9, 2013 by multiracialsky


That’s my kitchen counter. The picture is a few years old (and one house ago), but it’s still about right. When you cook for a family of six (plus friends) and you often cook from scratch, the kitchen mess and the dishes are endless. The counters and the floor are basically never clean. You may notice the cake mix box (I just recently started making cake from scratch–one of my last holdouts), the empty can of tomato puree (I’m now a glass-only tomato girl), and the pizza cutter. I’m pretty sure that was frozen pizza we’d just had for dinner. My excuse is I had four children five and under at the time–and it looks like I spent the afternoon making birthday cupcakes. [I’m noticing the yogurt maker on the counter, since we’ve since stopped eating dairy.]

We’re working our way towards 100% of our food from scratch around here these days. We have some food allergies and food/additive sensitivities in our family, and added the benefit to our budget cannot be understated. Honestly, I don’t like to cook–but I really like knowing what I’m putting into my kids. Food is the most logical preventative medicine to me. I try to put healthy real food in front of my children every day. It is the primary way I contribute to my family’s good physical health.

The thing from the photo that made me smile the most though is this: all those glasses and ceramic mugs sitting on the shelf? They are all broken and gone. Every single one of the them. We’re tough on dishes around here.


One thought on “Why I Cook from Scratch

  1. Ashley C says:

    Great post, and I totally agree about the mess and dishes, they just never seem to go away! Looking at this picture made me smile; it conjures up thoughts of all the messes my daughter and I made together in our kitchen 🙂

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