Princess Party for Little Girls of Color


February 2, 2010 by multiracialsky

I have three daughters, and all of them have been through the princess phase. My four-year-old seems more smitten than either of her older sisters were. She was a princess (with an afro) for Halloween. She wanted a princess theme for her fourth birthday party. We created her invitation, invited a handful of 3-5 year old friends, assigned Jaja the role of queen and Rico the role of king, and then I continued my ongoing search for princesses of color–this time for party bags.

Here’s what I found:

My mom and Teri discovered this giant write-on/wipe-off book featuring brown-skinned princesses. And I am ever on the hunt for books with princesses of color. These are a few of our current favorites:

Teri’s friends came to her party in their fanciest clothes, and then they proceeded to dress up, decorate paper crowns, and enjoy the pink strawberry cake. It was a small, mellow party: our four kids, 5 little friends, a handful of parent-friends for us to chat with. (I think we had 50 people here last January, mostly children under seven, all indoors, way too crazy.)

Birthdays in our family are all about celebrating the birthday girl or boy, and acknowledging their completion of another trip around the sun. We have cake on both their actual birthday and their party-with-friends day (or a cake stand in–this year Teri had an ice cream cone with 4 candles on her actual birthday). We don’t do presents at our birthday parties, so the parties are all about the friends, the cake, and the theme. We ask the children’s friends to bring a photo or drawing related to the party theme instead of a present. The theme is also helpful in designing the invitations (combining the kid’s drawings and some writing, and my budding graphic design skills), decorating the cake, and in putting together party-favor bags, which is a highlight. We have had a lot of animal-themed parties: pig, dog, bunny, panda, duck, and fish, (to name a few). We’ve also had a fairy party, a ballerina party, and now a princess party, as well as a biking party (at the playground), an ice skating/hockey party (at the rink), and a skiing party (at the ski hill). Our next party will be for Gretel, who is already brain-storming themes for her mid-summer birthday party.

So, all you parents of beautiful brown girls, what are your favorite princess of color finds? I have to keep up my stockpile for next year.


6 thoughts on “Princess Party for Little Girls of Color

  1. Lorin says:

    The Princess and the Frog now has great princess stuff to represent little princesses of color!

  2. Great post. Great BLOG! How did I just find you now? I am writing a guest post for another blog on how to start a race positive personal children’s library at your home.. and came across your blog as I was looking for other people’s top ten. You and I have the same lists going 🙂 I am going to add your blog to my blogroll.

  3. Quiskaeya says:

    I was going to suggest the Princess and the Frog, also. But it’s great to see the collection that you’ve put together. It really is so important for little girls (and boys) to see their favorite characters in hues that represent them. Well done.

  4. usgirls says:

    I try not to purchase novelty stuff for the kids…I know its a bummer for my kids but I really want to instill in them the value of their own faces.

    So, I use their photos and go to the drug store and make cards etc…or cut up old artwork for invitations. Last birthday we dressed up took pics and made cards and sent them to foster grandparents. You could do this for a party, or just create faces yourself.

    Its about as time intenstive as searching stores for the “perfect” Brown princess, hero, policeman, fairy etc…

    Love the blog.

    I think this

  5. eastiopians says:

    Thank you! I am going to link to this. GREAT info.

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