Homeschool K-2, Fall 2009

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January 24, 2010 by multiracialsky


  • Visit Zoo
  • Visit Science Center, with planetarium show (Jaja & Rico) and Discovery Room (Gretel)
  • Visit friend who runs a shelter for homeless pregnant and parenting women; deliver supplies
  • Catch frogs and toads around aunt’s pond
  • Listen to and watch aunt play her new grand piano
  • Go to City Museum with cousins
  • Visit friend’s farm; pick tomatoes, feed pigs, and give each other wagon rides
  • Swim at fancy pool/water park
  • Play basketball and wiffle ball with uncles
  • Attend Major League baseball game, and learn how to track hits and keep score
  • Explore city garden park designed by family member
  • Adoption agency annual picnic, including face painting and jumping castle
  • Apple Festival: apple picking, Taiko drumming, rope swing, hay slide
  • Throw Atlatl at annual competition/event
  • Talk to actors participating in historic Native American ‘encampment’
  • Take passenger ferry back and forth across lake
  • Walk through a corn maze
  • Hike in the rain
  • Soccer team
  • Conclude seasonal participation in our family’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)


  • Trip to Florida
  • Beach at night, phosphorus in ocean (Rico & Gretel)
  • See Jelly fish (Rico)
  • Catch fish with a net
  • Swim in the ocean
  • See dolphins
  • Build sand castles
  • Protect sand castle from rising tide
  • Talk about tides and palm tress
  • Swim in pool; Gretel learns how to swim
  • In pool do handstands, jump into deep water, hold breath, retrieve items off bottom, play Marco Polo
  • Skim-boarding and body-surfing (Jaja & Rico)
  • Find sharks teeth and shells
  • Chase and catch lizards (Rico)
  • Play tennis, frisbee, football, and catch
  • Design jack-o-lanterns
  • Clean out and carve pumpkins
  • Participate in Art Walk, with homeschool art show
  • 200-500 piece puzzles
  • Math games
  • Read out loud
  • Soccer ends & Hockey begins
  • Rico’s birthday, and ice skating birthday party
  • Watch live Quidditch
  • Friend’s Halloween party, including singing, band, and crafts
  • Design own Halloween costumes
  • Talk about letting adults have private conversations, and define eaves-dropping
  • Hike with grandparents
  • See first snow of the seasons
  • Help cook and bake
  • Start weekly house-cleaning routine
  • Make own bed and pick up own room daily
  • Jump on trampoline
  • Daily silent reading
  • Knitting (Jaja)
  • Help Mama take care of our friend’s baby
  • Talk about foster care, older children waiting for families, potential feelings/emotions after placement, privilege, and gratitude


  • Finger puppet show
  • Play hair salon
  • Hike to pond with friends
  • Talk about following directions and not leaving group (Rico)
  • Watch college hockey games
  • Visit Science Center
  • Knit with grandma, including knitting towers and needles
  • Hikes/walks with grandparents
  • Go to Harry Potter birthday party, with crafts and science experiments
  • Build with dry pasta
  • Draw portraits of siblings
  • Build and make words with scrap wood
  • Write math facts on lots of scraps of paper (Jaja)
  • Write in journal
  • Go to the DMV with mom to register our new van
  • Play checkers (Jaja & Rico)
  • Play ‘Uno’
  • Play ‘Chutes & Ladders’
  • Watch Daddy chop wood
  • Help stack fire wood
  • Our dog becomes ill; talk about old age, illness, and death
  • Go orienteering
  • Swimming with cousins
  • Scavenger hunt with cousins
  • Play Restaurant
  • Play chess (Rico)
  • Ice skating with cousins
  • Sculpture with dining table place settings and accessories (Jaja)
  • Koi pond
  • Tree season drawings (Jaja)


  • Cut down and decorate Winter Solstice tree
  • Carry in wood for the woodstove
  • Sweep Kitchen Floor
  • Set table and wipe table
  • Take out compost
  • Listen to Daddy read Harry Potter Books 1-3
  • Watch Harry Potter movie #1, and talk about books made into movies
  • Play ‘Aggarvation’
  • Sleepover party (Jaja)
  • Spelling and sounding out words with ‘Bananagrams’ game
  • Make flower with a cardboard stem, butterfly bracelet, and crowns (Gretel)
  • Cut vegetables for dinner
  • Design, build, and paint a wooden robot fro friend’s birthday (Rico)
  • Design and address birthday party invitations (Jaja)
  • Visit local gingerbread house display, and vote for favorite
  • Build with toothpicks and gumdrops
  • Fly a friend’s small place (Jaja)
  • Paint a ceramic mug (Rico)
  • Paint a wooden jewelry box (Jaja)
  • Sled and play in the snow in the backyard
  • Hockey practice and games
  • Figure skating (Jaja & Gretel)
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Work on job charts
  • Journal Writing
  • Language Arts & Math workbook pages
  • Computer game time
  • DIDJs
  • Visit with grandparents and friends

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