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June 1, 2008 by multiracialsky

I’ve received several comments lately (including one from a guy named Jaja) asking about the kids’ blog names. For all of you out there wondering: these are not my children’s real names. My kids have unusual names in real life, enough so that I want to protect their names for them to create their own online-presence in the future (if they want to) without a direct link to their mom and stories of their childhood. Each of their blog names (somehow my partner still doesn’t have one) has a story that goes along with it.

Jaja is one of three made-up friends’ names my oldest daughter used for most of her preschool years. The other two friends’ names are equally original–just impossible to phonetically spell. Jaja is my favorite blog name because it unique; it is a story that completely belongs to my daughter.

Rico comes from ‘Rico Sloppy’ a.k.a. ‘Rico Suave’. Remember the Gerardo song? A few years ago, my son misheard someone, and ‘Rico Sloppy’ was born. My son was going through a period of extreme silliness at the time. When people would ask him what his name was, he’d get this wild grin and announce, “Rico!” or sometimes he’d yell his answer, and then it would be, “RICO! SLOPPY!”

Gretel is from my middle daughter’s period of extreme love of The Sound of Music(there is also an alternative spelling of ‘Gretl’). All the kids pretended to be characters from the movie every day. My husband and I were called ‘Maria’ and ‘Captain’. Rico and Jaja switched around their roles; they’d be Rolf, then Friedrich, then Captain, Liesl, then Maria, then Baroness Schraeder. My middle daughter was always Gretel. Always. For a few weeks she wanted us to call her Gretel, even at meals. We listened to endless repeats of ‘So Long, Farewell’, ending with our Gretel scooting backwards up the stairs squeakily singing, “The sun has gone to bed, and so must I.”

Teri is related to my youngest daughter’s voice. She has always been vocal. And loud. If she’s happy, you know it. If she’s upset, excited, frustrated, angry, sad, you know. If she really needs something or is truly hurt, there is no mistaking or missing it–she is super-loud. Teri spoke full sentences at 18 months, and now a year later she makes and understands jokes–all day long. She says, “I changed my mind,” and means it. She also makes tiger growls, dinosaur roars, and indescribable ‘monster’ noises. The name Teri comes from Pterodactyl (I guess it should be ‘Pteri’, but I thought that would be too confusing to pronounce), from a time when our youngest was making lots and lots of joyous screaming/screeching noises.


One thought on “Blog Names

  1. Kohana says:

    I always wondered if these were their real names! Thanks for the stories!

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