Multiracial in America

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May 30, 2008 by multiracialsky

Check out this new msnbc website: Multiracial in America. (Although it is not explicitly stated, it appears to be a ‘news’ site discussing the role race will play in the upcoming presidential election, specifically related to Obama’s candidacy.)

  • More than 60 readers in multiracial families share their photos and stories
  • Six multiracial families speak on film (I can’t get the first video story to work, but I’ll keep trying.)
  • An interactive map of the United States, showing the racial make-up of each state including multiracial individuals
  • An historical timeline of race in the United States, with links and articles

The series appears of have done a good job representing most different mixed race families (Black/White, Latino/Asian, Latino/White, Black/Asian, to name a few). However, I did not see any Native Americans included in any of the multiracial families. There were also blended/step families, but no featured non-relative adoptive families (I saw one in the reader-posted photo area).

This is some of the best mainstream coverage I’ve seen of multiracial families and multiracial individuals. Let me know what you think.


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