Homeschool ~ March/April 2008


May 12, 2008 by multiracialsky

  • Ice Skating, hockey (both) & figure skating (Jaja): back deck rink, 2 college rinks, rec center rinks, frozen lake
  • Downhill Ski Lessons: 90 minutes x four
  • Downhill Lift skiing: with friends, with Dad
  • Attend friends’ birthday parties: 4
  • Talk about birth and pregnancy; tell the pregnancy, birth, and adoption stories of all four kids
  • Watch the movie “Arctic Story”
  • At least ten (each) 60-300 piece puzzles
  • Count out loud from 1-100 by 10s (Rico)
  • Tell time on a digital clock
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Put away own laundry
  • Vote with Mom/Dad in the presidential primary
  • Help cook dinner
  • Fill in Sudoku with Dad
  • Compare and contrast the definitions of biracial and multiracial
  • Discuss how you might know what color skin a baby will have before it is born
  • Talk about ultrasounds and look at ultrasound photos of Jaja and Rico
  • Watercolor paintings
  • Start new math workbook (Jaja completed all 150 pages; Rico at page 142)
  • Play in the snow & sled in the backyard
  • Talk about why it is important to brush your teeth
  • Help Dad dismantle back deck skating rink
  • Watch women’s college hockey game
  • Knit with Grandma (Jaja)
  • Build with Legos
  • Write numbers 1-100
  • Play memory with 24 cards
  • Visit with friends
  • Ride on a zipline
  • Play soccer in the yard
  • Practice money/coins: names and values
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Rock climbing
  • Ride bikes and scooters
  • Dress up (more times than can be counted)
  • Dance to music
  • Go to a maple sugar house
  • Work on general workbook (Jaja: 150+ pages; Rico: 125+ pages)
  • Play with playdough
  • Spend an afternoon at the playground
  • Draw and cutout birds for a friend’s birthday party
  • Cut out and assemble a bird/birdhouse mobile from Ladybug magazine
  • Watch a college track & field meet
  • Trip to Boston
  • Visit the New England Aquarium; watch 3D dolphins & whales movie
  • Swim in the hotel pool
  • Visit the Boston Children’s Museum
  • Play a harp and a grand piano
  • Read words off the wall menu at restaurant while waiting for our lunch (Jaja)
  • Read books out loud: I can read with my eyes shut tight (Jaja), I am a Tiger (Rico)
  • Jaja loses second tooth and writes second self-spelled letter to tooth fairy
  • Visit the midwife with Mama
  • Talk about growing babies; look at the books It’s NOT the Stork & It’s So Amazing
  • Visit the local Science Center
  • Talk about what a ‘secret’ is and is not
  • Draw and write on little chalkboards
  • Dig in the garden
  • Help Dad put up the new swing set; play and swing
  • Attend downtown Earth Day gathering
  • Play lacrosse
  • Addition & Subtraction cards
  • Build a sentence cards
  • Jump on our babysitter’s trampoline
  • Play baseball
  • Play new board game (gift from friends)
  • Talk about miscarriage, death, & grief

One thought on “Homeschool ~ March/April 2008

  1. HuckabyFam says:

    May I say that I just want you to come and homeschool my family, ha ha ha?!? I always look forward to reading your unschooling synopsis. It is delightful. I also wanted to convey my deep sympathy for your recent loss(es) and grief. We just went through a miscarriage a few months ago, and it is a horrendous experience. Peace to you and your family.

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