Homeschool ~ Jan/Feb

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March 15, 2008 by multiracialsky


Highlights of our homeschool/unschool kindergarten curriculum (full highlight list at the Sky Family Blog):

  • Design and sew felt flower (Jaja)
  • Read outloud (Jaja): Little Bear, Green Eggs & Ham, Go Dog Go, Foot Book
  • Read outloud (Rico): Hop on Pop, Race Cars
  • Cut vegetables for dinner 3 times
  • Ice skating: back deck, college ice rink, outdoor town rink, frozen lake
  • Bake cakes, frosting, waffles, & pancakes
  • See a show of the Peking Acrobats
  • Visit a sheep farm to get wool; see sheep, chickens, and a guard llama
  • Build with legos, Duplo, wooden blocks, wooden train set, & couch cushions
  • Talk about the mechanics of baby-making & look at the book: It’s So Amazing!: A Book About Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families
  • Dance/Diabolo yo-yo/song/music/dress-up show, with ‘food’, seats, & costumes
  • Talk about animal shelters
  • Write a poem with invented spelling (Jaja)
  • Write numbers 1-100
  • Talk about what ‘food’ is to your body, including how it is used and what happens after you eat
  • Work on sign language finger alphabet
  • Talk about college, including dorms and medical school
  • Count out loud from 1-109
  • Talk about day & night, earth spinning on its axis and circling the moon, & the illusion of the sun ‘rising’ and ‘setting’

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