Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real


February 5, 2008 by multiracialsky

If you haven’t heard about it yet, please allow yourself to become completely ill and check out this Medical Adoptions website (hat tip to Paula and Mia). Their tag-line is “The Organs You Need – The Home They Deserve”. This is a purported international adoption agency offering ‘completely legal’ adoptions for the specified purpose of the adoptee being an organ donor to a parent or child in the adoptive family. Tissue matching is reportedly done at the beginning of the adoption process.

The consensus so far is that this is all a hoax. (The site states they have an office in the Appalachian mountains to service their U.S. clients. And that adoptions will be completed in 9-28 days.) Even if it is supposed to be some sort of political-statement-joke–I’m not laughing.

The scary thing (which one?) is that this idea is not that far fetched. Whoever made the site knows a lot about adoption: international adoption law, child trafficking law, stereotypical adoptive parents fears/concerns. The scary thing is that I’m not sure it’s fake. The site has already been forwarded to State Representatives in at least three states (soon to be four as soon as I’m done here).

The kicker? The fees are racially stratified. Race ‘preference’ and adoption, hand-in-hand yet again. Here is a promotional quote (bold added):

We also afford parents the luxury of selecting the appropriate adoption package from our classes of Platinum, Gold, Bronze and Onyx. Some people don’t care, but if you’re buying in, you might as well get exactly what you want. I prefer pasta to rice, and I’m always willing to pay extra for it. Then again, I prefer Kung Pow to Roast Beef, and I’m willing to pay the difference for that as well. Whether it’s tissue or your heir, you deserve the right to make such a choice, and we not only allow it, but price it accordingly based strictly on supply and demand. These things can be critical to some parent beneficiaries, so we extend that option to our patrons.

My question: How can we change the way children are treated in this world, and how adoptions are conducted, so that there would be no question in my mind that this is simply a sick and twisted farce?


10 thoughts on “Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real

  1. temple says:

    I can’t stop crying long enough to post a comment.

    God/Goddess/Spirit is crying. Our babies (meaning ALL babies) aren’t sacred anymore! Is there anything more to devalue in the quest for INDIVIDUAL

  2. temple says:

    My comment was submitted before I finished.

    What I was saying was: Is there anything more to devalue in the quest for individual greed & self-interest.

  3. lisa4011 says:

    It’s horribly sick, but it is a hoax. The site was made by a team of people known for making elaborate hoaxes. This is just terrible though, and one can only hope they get their karmic reward.

  4. imtina says:

    Oh I feel ill. That it is a hoax is all the more sick. Why don’t they take that energy and time and do something good for the world’s children’s who are living in orphanages? I feel so disheartened with humanity.


  5. Amyadoptee says:

    I even contacted the NCFA. If anyone has power they do and they will get it removed.

  6. bless58 says:

    I pray it is a hoax, but would like to see confirmation on that to know 100%. It is so horrible to think this goes on.

  7. julia says:

    At least Google was smart enough NOT to include it in a search… I just tried googling “Medical Adoption Services” and at least on the first page of results the fake page was not listed…

  8. i pray to God this purported MA website is a hoax! They have to have some sort of sick mind to come up with something this (i cant think of a word good enough to go here).

  9. JulieC says:

    This just makes me sick, I stumbled across the site yesterday, and this blog today. It needs to be taken down!

  10. Karen says:

    The site is the creepiest thing I’ve seen. I accidentally found it by clicking on a link in another site. After speaking to a friend about what I’d read, I went back to find it and it IS “findable” using Google–first listing for “organ adoptions.” Unfortunately, it is still up and running. Another site that came up described Romania’s efforts to control adoptions of their children because of organ harvesting!

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