Homeschool ~ Nov/Dec


January 4, 2008 by multiracialsky



Highlights of our homeschool/unschool kindergarten curriculum: 

  • Write numbers 0-30
  • Define the word ‘peace’
  • Talk about double entendre and words that sound the same but have two different meanings (piece/peace, bear/bare)
  • Write lower case letters
  • Read several ‘level 1’ easy reader books from the library out loud (Jaja)
  • Ice skating/Ice hockey class (5 weeks)
  • Building with large wooden blocks: castle, barn, houses
  • Talk about the difference between an emergency and a crisis
  • Go on multiple hikes
  • Talk about what you get physically from your birthparents
  • Ice skating (free skate) at the town and college rinks, and on our back deck rink
  • Tempera and watercolor paintings
  • Play in the snow, including sledding and shoveling
  • 100 and 300 piece jigsaw puzzles, and wooden puzzles
  • Talk about the ‘stories’ of Thanksgiving 
  • Orienteering (Jaja)
  • Day trip to New York City
  • Visit the American Museum of Natural History
  • Yoga with Grandma
  • See the play “The Christmas Bus” and talk about orphans and orphanages
  • Listen to the book Ballerina Dreams and talk about physical [dis]abilities, including cerebral palsy
  • Talk about the difference between bones and cartilage, and look at pictures of skeletons
  • Downhill skiing with Dad
  • Card wool, and talk about fleece/wool/sheep
  • Talk about Jesus and crosses, and why Jesus was killed
  • Make paper chains and yarn ‘puff balls’
  • Talk about ‘pretend’ and ‘magic’, especially Santa and wands
  • Sign name 100 times on holiday cards
  • Cross-country skiing

2 thoughts on “Homeschool ~ Nov/Dec

  1. Susan says:

    That is pretty darned impressive.

  2. lisa4011 says:

    Where do you get your ideas for an age/ability appropriate curriculum?

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