Life Links 10


December 14, 2007 by multiracialsky

  • James Watson (the award-winning DNA scientist who recently embarrassed himself and ended his career by saying that White people are inherently more intelligent than Black people) is 16% Black–which is 16 times more Black ancestry than most people of European descent.

  • Culpability–a new blog/forum discussing ethics in adoption, especially international adoption. 

  • Are values race-based? Or are we asking the wrong set of questions? White May Be Might, But It’s Not Always Right, from the Washington Post.

  • ‘Special Needs’ Children need extraordinary parents, on older child adoption and adoption disruption from Harlow’s Monkey.

  • Dawn at This Woman’s Work thinks outloud (and writes it all down) about adoption reformtwice

  • Not Because We HAD to, on adoption as a first choice from Paula at Heart, Mind, and Seoul.

  • Ever page through a contemporary fashion magazine and wonder Where Are All The Black Models? Maghag gives the count of models Black models in nine top magazines. And here she counts out all the models of color in December 2007 magazine issues.

  • Process, the blog of a child-and-family-services social worker, often about foster care.

  • A new blog find–Mixed Race America–on the mixing of races in the U.S. of A.

  • Old news, but still worth mentioning–the mother of Zahara Jolie speaks out. (Zahara is also daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.) 


One thought on “Life Links 10

  1. Future Adopter as a First Choice says:

    Hello Natasha. I’m currently a freshman in college and I’m interested in racial diversity and race-related issues; I also plan to adopt at some point in my life. I just wanted to mention a book that you might find interesting–“Myths that America Lives By”. Some points are dubious but many are well-thought and profound.

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