Homeschool ~ Sept/Oct

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October 28, 2007 by multiracialsky

Highlights and features from our first two months of homeschool/unschool kindergarten:

  • Learn how to swim in grandparents’ pool (first week of September)
  • Hatch and release Juna and Creek, two Monarch butterflies
  • Ride scooters and bikes on grandparents’ “big, flat driveway” (ours is gravel)
  • Say goodbye to our oldest dog; talk about death, euthanasia, disease, and grief
  • Draw pictures for fall zine issue of Symony Fire
  • Six weeks of pottery class
  • Four weeks of soccer
  • Talk about Christopher Columbus, Columbus day, and Native Americans (the original inhabitants of this piece of land we call the United States)
  • Write all upper-case letters and numbers 0-9
  • Build and decorate a cardboard-box castle
  • Pick apples from our neighbor’s trees
  • Watch college archery club practice
  • Talk about the difference between being a servant and being a slave
  • Listen to parents read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Beverly Cleary books (including Ramona the Pest & Socks)
  • Make apple cider with a huge hand-press
  • Build with legos
  • Run in a 1-mile race
  • Talk about hair texture, as it relates to hair care and styling options
  • Read Go Dog Go out loud with Dad (Jaja)
  • Read Hop on Pop out loud with Dad (Rico)
  • Make up music and lyrics, and play songs on the keyboard
  • Talk about lead, PVC, vinyl, and plastic–especially in toys and dishes
  • Learn name/amount/recognition of penny, nickel, dime, and quarter
  • Visit Patrick Dougherty stick sculptures
  • Dig “one big daddy worm and nine baby worms” out of the garden

 Up and coming homeschool/unschool attractions:

  • Halloween: history of the holiday and candy negotiations (We have a friend whose father used to pay them at the door for their entire bag of candy. Another family allowed their children a few pieces after trick-or-treating, and then the ‘Halloween Fairy’ came overnight and took all their candy–and left a toy in its place.)
  • Cook and can applesauce
  • 100-300 piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Write all lower-case letters
  • Plan for a family Thanksgiving gathering with more than 14 children under the age of eight in attendance
  • Talk about Thanksgiving (history, Native Americans) and focus on personal gratitude
  • Six weeks of ice skating/ice hockey
  • Trip to Ithaca (?)
  • Create handmade holiday presents for a multitude of extended family members
  • Winter Solstice/Christmas/Winter holidays

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