Life Links 2


September 20, 2007 by multiracialsky

  • We all know about the Jena 6 by now . . . today is the rally and national day of action to show support.

  • An educator, a poet, an antiracist philosopher . . . check out Race Has Nothing To Do With You.

  • The truth about African American families and adoption . . . read Black Adoption Myths and Realities.

  • The group I’m longing to find . . . soak up the atmosphere in The Difference from Resist Racism.

  • The second in a series of three . . . In Their Parents’ Voices is now available, the companion book to In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Own Stories. (A book of the stories of the adoptees non-adopted siblings–bio children of their parents–is forthcoming.) Definitely worth a read for all transracially adoptive parents, and anyone working with adoptive families, adoptees, or in the adoption field.

  • And finally, a follow up post from The Daddy Diaries about choosing the race of your child when adopting . . . More on Race follows a (hypothetical) situation that our family (in real life) faced, and comes to a thought-provoking conclusion.


One thought on “Life Links 2

  1. Deb Donatti says:

    Some very interesting reads.
    I have posted on my site about the Jena 6 situation.
    This is a truly wonderful site with a wealth of information!

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