Resources for Antiracist Activism


August 16, 2007 by multiracialsky

Here is the resource list to accompany 11 Action Items for Antiracist Activism.

  • My 3 favorite (adult) books discussing race and racism
  • A truly brilliant and hysterical cartoon about White Privilege (to get your friends and family talking)
  • Anti-Racist Parent, the website for parents committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook; new columns and commentary several times a week, written by parents
  • Race: The Power of an Illusion, the 3-part PBS documentary and the accompanying online resources
  • The concept of transracialization as written about by John Raible
  • University of New Hampshire’s list of behaviors and attitudes for Adversaries and Allies
  • The workbook from the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop. (This is a long pdf file; if you have the time to wade through it all, there are a lot of great ideas and information.)
  • Teaching Tolerance curriculum and resources from the Southern Poverty Law Center. (Tolerance is not my favorite word, nor my goal for our community and world. Although they take a light-handed approach in discussing prejudice and bigotry, they have widely acclaimed free diversity resources for schools and homeschooling families.)
  • A glossary of current terminology in the United States, a tool for talking more comfortably about race and ethnicity
  • A children’s booklist and tools for parents to talk to children about skin color, race, ethnicity, and ancestry
  • Resources for building a multiracial and multi-cultural home environment
  • Free e-book entitled ‘How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent’
  • The Early Childhood Initiative of the World of Difference Institute: tools and training opportunities for parents and teachers
  • And lastly, an article by the indomitable Tim Wise (read anything of his you can get your hands on)

2 thoughts on “Resources for Antiracist Activism

  1. Ampersand says:

    Wow — thank you for the link to my cartoon. I’m really flattered to be included on a list like this one.

  2. Margie says:

    Terrific list – so many great resources here!

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