11 Action Items for Antiracist Activism


July 24, 2007 by multiracialsky

A longtime friend of mine called me today. She said, Now that I know about White Privilege, what can I do about it? Here are my . . .

11 Action Items for Antiracist Activism and Countering White Privilege

(1) TALK: Talk about race, racism, and White Privilege, and how important antiracist activism is to you. If you are White, you can use your presumed neutrality to talk to other White people, and to challenge and dismantle racist beliefs. [Resource: Talking About Race]

(2) SPEAK UP: Challenge racist remarks every time you hear them. If you are silent, you are complicit.

(3) LISTEN: When a Person of Color shares an experience of racism, or a race-based concern, listen.

(4) LANGUAGE: Use accurate, current terminology when talking about race and ethnicity. [Resource: Current Terminology in the United States]

(5) SELF-EDUCATE: Educate yourself. Continue to recognize the many ways you may benefit from racism or White Privilege (especially if you are, or appear to be, White).

(6) MEDIA: Read books, news, commentary, blogs, and political comics written by People of Color. Watch news, movies, and television shows written and produced by People of Color (not just Oprah).

(7) ENVIROMENT: Create a multiracial home environment or classroom. [Resource: Creating a Multiracial Environment]

(8) FRIENDSHIP: Make your group of friends multiracial and multicultural.

(9) JOIN: Become active in organizations that support multiracial and multicultural populations. Refuse to support or join racist or racially-exclusionary organizations, including schools and religious groups. If you are a member of an organization and the membership is almost all White, make the group more inclusive of People of Color.

(10) MONEY: Use your dollars to vote. Refuse to support places of business and companies (including restaurants, catalogs, stores, and brands) that uphold racist policies or actions.

(11) TRAINING: Initiate and support cultural competency, multicultural, and diversity trainings in your local schools, work places, and other organizations, including religious groups.

There are many additional antiracist actions one could take in the ongoing struggle against White Privilege, but these are the most concrete and practical. I will add more specific resources for each of the 11 items in the next week.


3 thoughts on “11 Action Items for Antiracist Activism

  1. dawnz says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with this post.

    Ironic because just this past Sunday we were having dinner with my family in the park. My sister and brother-in-law started talking about how it’s always Hispanics on the community listing of who’s been arrested (my brother-in-law is a cop). At one time I would have never thought of speaking out, even though it has always been offensive to me to hear others talk like this. I would have claimed I was too shy and that words don’t come easily to me. No longer.

    We have adopted a Guatemalan daughter. I realize that’s a poor excuse to finally speak up, but I am glad I’ve developed a backbone, even this late in the game. I had had enough and told them that I doubted what they were saying was true. That there were probably just as many white guys on the list. They began to fidget and try explain themselves. It was uncomfortable for all of us, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t back down.

    Then shockingly my hubby chimed in and flat-out told them that what they were saying was prejudiced and racist. They were mighty embarrassed. And then it occurred to them to glance at my daughter. Who was sitting right by me the whole time. She is 4.

    It’s about time we learned to step up to the plate and battle this head on. No more wimping around.


  2. Mayhem says:

    Great list! And, yeah, just watching Oprah doesn’t count as having balanced, multiracial media input!

    I am mostly just delurking to say thank you for a great new blog. You have already provided a lot of great resources, and I look forward to your posts.

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